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Model: 104
Byron 200OM AAA quality new custom Byron guitar OM body sanders wood solid acoustic-electric guitarPrice-35000BDTModel-200OMOM body Byron 6 string guitar             Solid Sitka spruce wood top with armrest             A..
Ex Tax:৳35,000.00
Model: 107
Byron BY-200CC AAA quality handmade jumbo custom acoustic-electric guitar gear one-piece neck solid guitarPrice-38000BDTModel-BY-200CC 41" Byron 6 string guitarSolid Sitka spruce wood top with armrest african sanders wood back and side  one-piece mahogany wood neck    rosewood fr..
Ex Tax:৳38,000.00
Model: 109
Byron BY-814N 3 knobs EQ single cut acoustic guitar GA body solid acoustic-electric guitarPrice-36000BDTModel-BY-814N one piece wood mahogany neckarmrestEQ customized39" 6 string guitar                    Solid Sitka spruce wood top  &..
Ex Tax:৳36,000.00
Brand: Chard-EA Model: 57
Chard EA12 Acoustic GuitarPrice-6000BDTModel: EA12Size: 40 inchesColor: Wood (N) Black (BK)Panel: Basswood (with colored edges)Bottom side panel: BasswoodFingerboard: RosewoodChord button: silver semi-closedNext code: Rosewood..
Ex Tax:৳6,000.00
Brand: Chard-EA Model: 60
Chard EA33 Acoustic Guitar Price-9500BDT Model: EA33Size: 40 inchesPanel: SpruceBottom side panel: OgumanFingerboard: RosewoodChord button: silver-plated fully closed Next code: Rosewood..
Ex Tax:৳9,500.00
Brand: Chard-EA Model: 63
Chard EA35H Acoustic GuitarPrice-10500BDTModel: EA35HSize: 40 inches Panel: spruce/walnutBottom side panel: Walnut Fingerboard: Rosewood Hemming: ABS five-wire package Chord button: black plated fully enclosedNext code: Rosewood..
Ex Tax:৳10,500.00
Model: 66
Chard EA40 Acoustic GuitarPrice-11500BDTModel: EA40Size: 40 inches Panel: Zebra woodBottom side panel: Zebra woodFingerboard: RosewoodChord button: silver-plated fully closedNext code: Rosewood..
Ex Tax:৳11,500.00
Model: 69
Chard F4040C Acoustic GuitarPrice-Pure Acoustic-8500BDTWith Preamp-10500BDTModel: F4040CSize: 40 inchesPaint: closed mattPanel: SpruceBottom side panel: Sapele Head: Peach Blossom PatchFingerboard: Rosewood (Mother of Pearl)Fingerboard inset: black ABSMouth wheel flower: water stick mouth wheel flow..
Ex Tax:৳10,500.00
Model: 72
Chard F4090C Acoustic GUitarPrice-Pure Acoustic-9500BDTWith Eq & Tuner-11500BDTModel: F4090C_Size: 40 inchesPaint: closed matt Panel: Spruce Bottom side panel: rosewoodHead: rosewood patch Fingerboard: Rosewood (Mother of Pearl) Fingerboard inset: black ABSMouth wheel flower: water stick mouth w..
Ex Tax:৳11,500.00
Model: 80
Cort G100 HH Electric Guitar G SeriesPrice-26000BDTThe G Series electric guitars from Cort is a modern interpretation of the term "vintage". They are thoroughly modern guitars yet retain the familiar characteristics of the classic double-cutaway design in a tasteful manner.The G100HH features a doub..
Ex Tax:৳26,000.00
Model: 76
Chard GC 2C Travel Cutaway Acoustic GuitarPrice-8500BDTModel: GC 2CSize: 36 inches Panel: SpruceBottom side panel: peach heartFingerboard: RosewoodChord button: silver-plated fully closedNext code: Rosewood..
Ex Tax:৳8,500.00
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