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Frequently Asked Questions e-commerce marketplace with grocery. You can purchase any product including grocery products through online order from this site. Which our delivery man will deliver to your house within the stipulated time.

At first go to our site, there you will enter the name of the product you need in the search bar and the product will appear in front of you. Now you can easily add the product to your shopping bag. Once you have all the necessary products in your bag, click on the checkout button and complete the order with your address and necessary information. Your order will reach us and one of our representatives will call you to order. Will verify the individuality, then our delivery representative will come to you and go through your market.

There is a home delivery fee of TK 29 for any order above TK 300. However, a charge of TK 45 is applicable for shopping below TK 300.

You can contact us on +88 01715732005 and mail to

We currently deliver in 1 hour to Adabar, Shyamoli, Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi areas and 4 to 6 hours to the rest of Dhaka city. However you can choose any one time of delivery as per your convenience.

Our aBazar representative will inform you by phone about the location of delivery.
The price of our product is equal to or close to the market price. And any kind of extra tax free.
We have our own vehicle and we are self-sufficient in supply management. However our delivery representatives are trained to deliver your market to you in any way.
We do not return the product within 7 days if it is damaged or unopened. However, vegetables, milk, fish, meat and any perishable goods are not returned.
No, in case of any problem, we will update your aBazar account with credit immediately. However, upon request, we will refund you through your card/bKash.
You can pay the price by checking the product at the time of delivery. You can also pay online via credit card or bKash.
We deliver to all areas of Dhaka city including Adabor, Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Dhanmondi. However, we deliver goods other than grocery products outside Dhaka.
If you do not find any of your products on the site, you can inform us by calling +88 01715732005 with product information or mail to We will try to bring the product in stock for you.
This number +88 01715732005 for any kind of problem. One of our representatives is always engaged in solving all the problems.
Yes, our goal is to get rid of all the worries in your market.
Save time, we understand the value of your leisure time. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to spend time with your family. Also the price of products on our site is lower than other super stores in the city and you will get more products from us than the grocery store next to your house. Then why bother to go to the market?
We try to give the best deal in Dhaka and our products are discounted on the highest retail price. In special cases we offer discount codes, which are to be applied on MRP. On any particular product, we can apply only one type of discount. We always try to give the best discount to the customers. For example, if the maximum retail price of a product is 100 rupees and our list price is 92 rupees – then the product is already being sold at a 6% discount. This means that if a 5% discount code applies to a user, we offer the user the maximum discount on the retail price.
Of course, you can call +88 01715732005 to order.
Bounty is not necessary. But our delivery representatives are encouraged when their hard work is recognized. And they enjoy the full amount of bounty.