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Brand: Khusboo Model: 947
Khusboo Premium Chinigura Rice 1 kg Price: 130 Product Type: Chinigura Rice Net weight: 1 kg Brand: Khusboo Packing Type: Vacuum Country of Origin: Bangladesh Khusboo Chinigura Premium Rice (Palau) brings you a fresh and clean packaging with perfect measurement. Va..
Ex Tax:৳130.00
Brand: Khusboo Model: 1075
Khusboo Premium Ghee 400 gm Price: 520 Product Type: Ghee Net Weight: 900 gm Brand: Khusboo Premium Always organic Absolutely No antibiotics No synthetic hormones No toxic pesticides or GMO Store in a cool, dry, dark place for optimal flavor Keep cap..
Ex Tax:৳520.00
Brand: Khusboo Model: 948
Khusboo Premium Nazirshail Rice 5 kg Price: 445 Product Type: Nazirshail Rice Net weight: 5 kg Brand: Khusboo Packing Type: Vacuum Country of Origin: Bangladesh Fresh and clean. Khusboo premium Nazirshail is a bowl of specially parboiled rice, rich in quality,..
Ex Tax:৳445.00
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