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Brand: Kolson Model: 995
Kolson Laccha Semai 200 gmPrice: 35Product Type: Laccha SemaiNet weight: 200 gmBrand: KolsonCountry of Origin: Bangladesh"Kolson Laccha Semai" is made from wheat flour, maize starch, and vegetable oil (Palm oil). It contains fat, sodium, carbohydrate, and protein. It’s too much tasty and healthy..
Ex Tax:৳35.00
Brand: Kolson Model: 1108
Kolson Bar-B-Q Noodles 180 gmPrice: 20Product Type: Bar-B-Q NoodlesBrand: KolsonNet Weight: 180 gmFlavour: Chicken      Country of Origin: Bangladesh..
Ex Tax:৳20.00
Brand: Kolson Model: 1108
Kolson Egg Noodles 180 gmPrice:18Product Type: Egg NoodlesBrand: KolsonNet Weight: 180 gmPacking Type: PacketFlavour: Egg               Country of Origin: BangladeshKolson Egg Noodles that are made..
Ex Tax:৳18.00
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