Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms of Condition

1.1 Welcome to abazar.com.bd. aBazar gives you access to aBazar's website or its mobile application or any other means ("Website") in accordance with the terms set forth on this page. By using the website based on the Registration Eligibility Criteria, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use registered here or as a Guest User ("User"). As you continue to use the website, please read the Terms carefully, your consent means your adherence to the stated terms. If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms, you do not need to use our website or our Services.

1.2 By directly or indirectly agreeing to these Terms, you agree to abide by the aBazar Policies and are bound by the Terms (referred to in https://abazar.com.bd/privacy-policy/ and amended from time to time by the Privacy Policy).

1.3 In these terms, reference to "you", "user" means the last user / subscriber who uses the website, its content and the services provided through the website. "Website", "aBazar", "aBazar.com.bd", "We", and "Our" references mean website or aBazar Limited.

1.4 Electronic records are constituted in accordance with the provisions of the Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006 (ICT Act 2006) and as amended and timely. As such, this document does not require a physical or digital signature and constitutes an effective and binding agreement between the website and the user.

1.5 The website is operated by aBazar Limited. Included in the registered office of 165, DIT Extension Road, Fakirapul, Dhaka, Bangladesh as per the law of Bangladesh. All references to the website in these Terms shall be deemed to include any entity prior to the inclusion of the Online Portal.

1.6 This website may contain links to other websites which are not operated by aBazar and aBazar has no control over the linked sites and aBazar does not accept any liability for any loss arising out of your use. Your use of the linked sites is subject to the terms of use and services specified in each site. Will be in accordance with the terms.

1.7 We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time. By your continued use after we publish such changes to the website, you accept the Terms as amended or modified.

1.8 The following Terms will continue to apply until terminated by you or aBazar in accordance with the following terms:

1.9 The contract with aBazar may be canceled

(i) no longer use the website; Or (ii) closes your account, if this option is acceptable to you.

1.10 Subsequently published in spite of the foregoing, these Terms, which are in force for the purpose of being permanently effective in accordance with their nature, shall remain in force even upon the expiration / termination of these Terms.

  1. User Qualifications

2.1 Use of the website is acceptable only to persons who are legally contracted under the 182 Agreement.

2.2 If you are a minor / minority, such as if you are under 18 years of age, you will not register as a user on abazar.com.bd, refrain from transacting and using the website.

2.3 By accepting the Terms of Use or by transacting on the website, the User makes an irrevocable certification to the effect that he is legally aged 18 or over and able to enter into the Agreement and such "Use" shall be deemed to be an agreement between the website and the User. Types of users and websites approved.

  1. Communication

3.1 When you use aBazar, or communicate with us by phone or email, you agree to be contacted by us. Allowed. You agree to receive communication from us (including transactional, promotional or commercial messages) regarding the use of your website (aBazar) and / or your order on the website for contractual purposes. In addition, any publication posted on the website or email sent to you fulfills the written obligation of communication.

  1. Your account and responsibilities

4.1 Anyone can use the website by registering on the website, or using it as a Guest User. A guest user may not access all sections of the website including certain benefits / promotional offers, which will be reserved for registered users only, and may vary from time to time at the sole discretion of the website.

4.2 If you want to register your account with the website, you need to register with a valid Bangladeshi mobile number or your email address or create an account by filling in the details mentioned in the website registration form. You will then receive a password or one-time PIN number that you can use to order on the website.

4.3 When you use the website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and for any activity occurring on your username and account and you are responsible for restricting access to your computer or mobile phone. If you have a reason that you believe someone else knows or may be using your password unauthorized, you should notify us immediately. You agree that if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, current or incomplete or if we have a reason to suspect under the Terms of Use that the information you provide is untrue, inaccurate, current or incomplete We reserve the right to suspend your membership on the website.

4.4 The website may be unusable (rare) for needs that it deems necessary at its own discretion but is not limited to regular maintenance. However, under no circumstances will aBazar be liable to the users for any loss or claims arising out of such incompetence or impropriety and the users expressly reject any claim against aBazar in this regard.

  1. Expenses

5.1 Membership is provided free of charge for users on the website. aBazar does not charge a fee for browsing the website and purchasing products. aBazar reserves the right to change its service pricing policy in a timely manner. In particular, aBazar may launch new services at its own discretion and change the partial or complete services provided on the website.

  1. Copyright

Content contained in ABazarch.com (including content and other materials, software or services) is the property of aBazar Limited, its subsidiaries, authorized and / or licensed third parties. No content, copy, reproduction, republish, install, post / publish, transmit, save or distribute any material on this site without the written permission of aBazar Limited.

7.1 This site uses cookies, which means that cookies must be enabled on your computer so that all functionality of this site can work properly. A cookie is a small information-rich file that is written to your hard drive when you visit a specific web site. A cookie file contains certain information, such as a persistent user ID or account, through which a website assigns a visitor to follow a visited webpage or page. A cookie file cannot read or delete data from your hard disk or read cookie files created by other websites. Cookies may not work automatically to retrieve any user information.

  1. Promotional activities

aBazar uses various advertisements and commercials in the development of its services which according to our belief and latest knowledge is true and not fraudulent or unfair. Before using the service, each user is required to know the relevant information provided on the website and it will be assumed that every user is aware of every information provided on the website. The product images displayed on the website are provided only to provide an introduction or idea about the product and may differ from the actual image displayed on the actual product. The website disclaims any liability arising out of any disturbance or inconsistency which is fully authorized by law.

  1. Agreement

Your order or order is an offer to us, for the purchase of your ordered product. When placing an order to purchase a product from us, you will receive an email or SMS to your mobile phone number confirming receipt of your order or confirming the details of your order ("Order Confirmation E-mail"). Order Confirmation Email / SMS is an acknowledgment of receipt of your product order, but does not guarantee acceptance of your ordered product purchase offer, that when we send a product order confirmation e-mail or SMS, it is an agreement called a "sales agreement" Either in accordance with Section 4 (3) of the Sales of Goods Act of 1930 which has been confirmed, e.g. We only accept your offers / orders and the above "Sales Agreement" becomes a "Sales Agreement" for all products that you place orders under Section 4 (4) of the Goods Sales (1930) Act, when the product (s) are yours Is delivered to the designated address and at that time the product is transferred from us to you.

9.2 You can cancel your product order at any time without paying any price before the product is delivered to you.

9.3 Please note that we only sell products that meet the average household needs. This applies both to the number of products mentioned in a single order and to the number of different orders placed for the same product where a product order usually includes a quantity for a normal household.

  1. Product Description

10.1 aBazar is trying to work as accurately as possible. aBazar itself does not produce or manufacture any product. Therefore, aBazar does not provide any certificate or reliance on the description of any product or any component of the product (supplied) of aBazar that it is correct, complete, reliable, new, or flawless. If the market offers or the product offer is not as described, then the only remedy for you is to return it unused.

  1. Pricing

11.1 The listing price or the proposed price of the products displayed on the market indicates / expresses the price expressed on the product which is approximately the estimated price of the product offered elsewhere with the same characteristics as the manufacturer or supplier or industrial quality. List price or suggested price is a comparatively approximate price that may or may not represent the prevailing existing price in each region on a given day.

11.2 Even after our best efforts, we may make a mistake in writing the price of a small number of products in our product list. If the maximum retail price of a product sold by aBazar exceeds our selling price, we will, at our discretion, contact you before your order arrives or before you cancel your order or notify you of such cancellations. If the stated price of the product is less than the market price, we will either replace (replace) your product after receiving the recognition, otherwise your money will be refunded as per your choice.

  1. Policy for return of goods

12.1 A user may return a product at the time of delivery or within 7 days if:

  1. A) If the product does not meet the expectations of the user.
  2. B) If the product is found damaged during delivery.
  3. C) If there is any doubt about the quality and quantity of the product.
  4. D) If found in unhealthy or unexpected condition
  5. E) If not satisfied at product packaging
  6. F) If the product is found unsuitable for use

12.2 A user can refund unused or defective products 20% or less in used condition within 7 days of receiving the product. But the following products may not be eligible for refund or replacement:

  1. A) In case of damage to the product due to misuse
  2. B) In case of any incidental damage due to product defects
  3. C) Any edible (edible) product that has been used / planted
  4. D) Damaged or serial / UP C (Universal Product Code) number missing product
  5. E) Any damage / defect which is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty
  6. F) Any product which is returned without accessories, including all original packaging and box, if any product manufacturer's packaging, and all other accessories which were originally included at the time of delivery of the product / s.
  7. Price return policy

13.1 aBazar tries its best to serve its users. However, if in any case we fail to fulfill our promise or provide the service, we will notify you within 24 hours by phone / text message / email. If aBazar fails to complete its service, and no refund is required, it will be completed within a maximum of 10 days of our acknowledgment.

13.2 Refund requests will be processed under the following conditions:

হলে Unable to serve any product.

করলে If the customer returns a product from a paid order.

  1. Policy of supply

14.1 aBazar does not produce or manufacture any product itself, yet aBazar tries to control the quality of the product, but does not guarantee any quality. We believe that the manufacturer / seller / supplier is fully capable of ensuring the quality of each product.

14.2 If a user finds a product that is harmful to health / life / safety at the time of delivery of the order, we will take full responsibility and refund the product. If the user encounters a threat within 12 hours of delivery, we will consider it as a quality assurance from the manufacturer or supplier.

  1. Changes

15.1 aBazar reserves the right to amend or modify these Terms. Such changes shall take effect immediately upon publication on ABazar.com. You are responsible for monitoring such changes. Your continued access to or use of ABazar.com.bd means acknowledging such modified terms.

  1. Terms of aBazar Software / Application

16.1 Use of aBazar Software / Application / App:

You may accept and use the Software / Applications / Apps of aBazar only through aBazar and the Services approved by these Terms. You should not include or copy or modify any part of the aBazar software / application / app in your program, transfer it for use with other services, or sell, rent, lease, lend, borrow, aBazar software / application. / Distribute or grant partial approval of applications and / or grant partial or full rights to aBazar software / applications / applications. You may not use this software / application / app for any illegal purpose. We may suspend the provision of any aBazar software / application / app and we may terminate your right to use the aBazar software / application / app at any time. Your right to use the aBazar software / application / app will be automatically terminated without notice from us if you fail to comply with these Terms. All software used in the aBazar Services is the property of aBazar or its affiliates or its software providers and is protected by the laws of Bangladesh but not limited to any other applicable copyright laws.

16.2 (Third Party) Use of Third Party Services: When you use aBazar software / applications / apps you are using the services of one or more third parties such as wireless carriers or mobile platform providers. You may have different policies, terms of use, and fees for those third parties to use these third party services.

16.3 Reverse Engineering Prohibition: You should not encourage or collaborate with yourself or anyone else in this software / application / app, to copy, modify, delete, reverse engineer, harm or otherwise harm. And collections should not be created in whole or in part from this software / application / app.

16.4 Updates: In order to keep up to date with software / applications / updates, we may provide updates to you automatically or manually at any time without notice.